Steel Machining

Steel, the Strongest Alloys

When it absolutely needs to hold together, trust steel; steel machining is one of the mainstays of traditional manufacturing. Each type of steel will have unique properties, and unique steel machining properties. Below is a list of steels that we have amassed years of experience with.

Popular Steel Alloys:

12L14 – Commonly used in automatic screw machines with a high number of parts requiring a close tolerance.

A-2 – used for a wide range of tooling applications ranging from general purpose punches and dies to components for plastic injection molding.

D-2 – excellent abrasion resistance and air-hardening characteristics. Used for tools and dies.

O-1 – a popular general purpose oil-hardening tool and die steel. 

S-7 –  a shock-resisting tool steel with excellent impact properties.

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