Yorke Precision has spent the last 20 years building a close knit Manufacturing Network, with people we can trust, specializing in everything you can think of in regards to manufacturing.

Our Partners Include:

Injection Molding
Injection Molding is a process wherein hot plastic is injected into a mold cavity, ideal for high volume jobs. In injection molding, creating the mold is the most difficult part of the process; a good or bad mold can make or break your product. Yorke Precision has experience making molds, and a relationship with several different injection molding specialists who can do high volume work.

Sheet Metal Fabrication
Sheet metal fabrication is an art form, getting the angles just right and the bends just so requires special machines that have a large footprint. For this reason, we use a local sheet metal specialist for our large scale sheet metal production. When it comes to sheet metal, experience is the attribute you want the most.

When it comes to welding, you want someone who does it every day. We contract with a local welder, and that is all he does from sun up to sun down. He knows all of the key details of a good weld; even beads, clean surfaces, no pockets.

Anodizing and Plating
Anodizing is a process where an oxide is built up over aluminum in order to protect it, and looks a lot like you dyed the aluminum a color. A bad plating job can ruin an otherwise amazing project. There are literally over twenty platers in Silicon Valley, and we have found the very best to handle our parts. We use two primarily, one for its superior quality and another for its cheaper price and quicker turn around. Depending on your needs, we know the right shop for the job.

Lapping is a grinding process used to make parts extremely flat. If you have a part that is .0001 tolerances flat over more than a few inches, odds are it was lapped. We have a twenty year relationship with the world’s most reputable lapper, and use him for all of our parts. When it comes to lapping, it absolutely must be right, and there is only one place that does it right every time.

Powder Coating
Powder coating is a process where paint is applied to metal with a current running through it; this leaves a piece with a sturdy even paint job. We know the best powder coater in Silicon Valley and use him for all of our powder coated jobs, no exceptions.

Laser Cutting
Laser cutting is an amazing field full of really terrible vendors. Thankfully we have access to the most accurate and reliable laser cutter in the business, and are proud to work with them.

Laser Labeling
For our customers who require something more than engraving, we offer laser labelling with the most reliable laser vendor known to man.

DMLS is 3D printing for metal, and has many of the strengths and weaknesses of other additive manufacturing. We have access to the best DMLS minds in the country, people who live and breathe this cutting edge technique every day.


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